The Washington Physicians Directory offers multiple affordable ways to advertise your products and services.  

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists of M.D.’s and D.O.’s listed in The WPD may be rented for one-time use. You may custom tailor your list, selecting by medical specialty, geography, year of graduation from medical school, and foreign language.

You may rent your list on 3-up pressure sensitive labels (peel & stick) or in an electronic format (Excel spreadsheet), should you want to produce one personalized letter in-house or use your printer/mailer to do a larger mailing. Printers/mailers may save you money using today’s bulk-mail services.

Some things to consider when putting a mailing together:

1) Who needs to know what you have to say? What specialists and where they’re located are primary concerns.

2) Who’s going to do this mailing? Does your professional staff have time to stick labels on envelopes and do the inserting and stamping, or are you better off using a professional mailing service? I will always recommend you get prices from your printer . . . it’s a free quote. Quite often, especially with larger mailings, the money they save you in postage may offset all of your mailing preparation charges.

3) Would a personalized letter be preferable to labels? You may have the in-house expertise to do this on your own computer.

4) How much will your postage be? Here I heartily recommend consulting with your printer/mailer. Automating your mailing can save you a substantial amount of time and money.

RATES FOR MAILING LISTS (M.D.’s/D.O.’s & Hospitals please call for discounted rates.)
Electronic Format for one-time use 3-Up Pressure Sensitive Labels
$250 Minimum Processing fee up to 1,000 Electronic Fee + $25 per thousand
$150 per additional thousand  

There are no additional charges for special selections. Please call 301-384-1506 to place your order.
Annual Marketing Lease
The WPD database is available in an electronic format (Excel spreadsheet) for your marketing needs throughout the year. Hospitals, clinics, specialty practices, anyone with a need to reach this market, will find this to be a most cost-effective way to reach it all year long. (*The lease is for the exclusive use of the lessee and may not be published, exchanged, donated, resold, or be made available on an Intranet or any other internal or external IT system.)

You may limit the size of your database by medical specialty, geography, year of graduation from medical school, and foreign language. Each record (row) will include the doctor’s name, medical school and year of graduation, NPI, group practice name, all medical specialties and certifications, complete address, office phone, up to two other phone numbers with their appropriate descriptions, i.e., F=fax, C=cell or car phone, etc., and e-mail address, if provided. The WPD will provide you with an Excel spreadsheet with column headers and a file with additional column descriptions. To effectively use this data, you will need a database software package with the ability to import an Excel file or comma separated ASCII text file. Once you’ve established your own database, you will have the capability to query on any of the fields in the file, giving you the freedom to send correspondence to targeted specialty groups within restricted geographical areas, if you so desire. A working knowledge of your database software and your word processing software is essential.

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